Frequently Asked Questions:


By establishing the global base pension together with open trade and education are the three ingredients for reduction of the growth of the world population. When people know that they have a basic means of existence at older age, they don't need so many kids. If they are educated, they know about birth control, hygiene and means of existence.


There should have been a global pension plan earlier. The global population is grown out of hand already. So When could be answered with yesterday. Reality is however, there is no global pension plan. As soon as possible thus.

First we need to establish a sound financial base by the means of a number of sponsors. Than we need to communicate to the world the need for a world pension plan. We need to get some pilots running.


We live on a small world. Our spacecraft. To survive on here as a species as long as possible we have to manage the limited resources best as possible. This means we need to limit the number of people on the planed.